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Cary NC Estate Planning Lawyer Paul Yokabitus

Cary NC Estate Planning Lawyer Paul Yokabitus

More Than Just a Transaction

Your peace of mind is our passion. We don't believe in the traditional practice of law. This isn't a "Dollars for Documents" proposition. Forget billable hours, we hate them as much as you do. This is our promise to you:

  • No Up-Selling: Legal planning that is only in YOUR best interest, nothing more and nothing less;

  • No Surprise Fees: You'll only be charged a fixed fee that is agreed upon ahead of time in writing - no surprise invoices or unexpected charges;
  • Open and Transparent Communication:  We'll talk as much or as little as you need, and coordinate with your financial team as much as is needed - all at no additional charge. We want you to be in a place of comfort, confidence, and understanding. 
  • Relationship First: We don't just take your money and shuffle you out the door. We take the client-attorney relationship very seriously and maintain that relationship for the long haul. You get continuous and consistent communication from us and we'll be hear for you whenever you need us: major event or minor question.
  • Client Service as a Priority, Not an Afterthought: We have crafted our entire practice around the client experience. From the multiple office locations, to the way we structure our fees, and the set-up of our meeting rooms, we have you in mind first and foremost. Our flexible payment options also make our legal planning cost effective and cashflow friendly. 
  • No Barriers to Entry: No consultation fees, in-person and phone call options, multiple office locations, and flexible scheduling options. We bend to fit your needs, not the other way around. 

If this is the experience you've been looking for from a law firm, we look forward to speaking with you. 

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