Estate Planning and Business Law in Cary, NC

We're Different. Here's How. 

It's not about the documents. It's not about checking something off of your to-do list. It's not about just getting it over and done. It's not about billing your file.

We create relationships and find solutions to your Estate Planning and Business Law concerns. Your consultation session is the beginning of a long relationship - one where you can turn to us whenever you need and can trust us with your concerns.

We believe in protecting your family as we would protect our own. 

We believe in regular reviews of your legal planning.

We believe in flat-fee billing for amounts agreed to ahead of time. No surprises. Our fee schedule is given to you up front. No hiding the ball. 

We believe in providing Estate Planning and Business Law services as a primary concentration, not as an ancillary service. We are not a "Trust Mill". We are not LegalZoom. This is not a "Dollars for Documents" proposition. Our firm is more than the documents we prepare. The documents are a byproduct of the relationships we create - not the purpose of our engagement. 

Estate Planning Lawyer Cary, NC

Paul Yokabitus - Cary, NC Estate Planning and Business Law Attorney

Paul Yokabitus is an experienced Estate Planning and Business Law Attorney with NC Planning, a practice of Adams, Howell, Sizemore & Lenfestey, PA. Paul can assist you, at any stage of your life, in creating a meaningful and effective legal plan that will help protect your family and your assets, as well as your business. Paul can also help you build your business from and idea to a future sale and everything in between. 

Why am I an Estate Planning Attorney?

I, like most people, didn't think about Estate Planning very much until I got married and had a son of my own - my family was started and now I felt an absolute desire and duty to protect them. I immediately began to think about what would happen if I was no longer able to protect them myself. I looked over the intestacy laws in North Carolina and met with a life insurance agent, but I still didn't have a plan together for the unexpected. 

How would my family support themselves? How would they remember me? What sort of legal or administrative burden would I be leaving behind? All of these questions presented themselves, but I had no answers. I didn't just want my family to be financially secure - I wanted my son to remember me and to have my wisdom, whatever it's worth to him, and values as he grew up, should anything happen to me. 

After drafting my own Estate Plan, and going through the process of making the decisions that will ultimately protect my family's future, I decided to focus my practice on helping people do the same for their own families - turning what can be a scary process into an exercise in growth, satisfaction, and accomplishment.  

Becoming a father made me realize that Estate Planning is more than just avoiding taxes and distributing assets. Nothing is more important than making sure your family is protected, especially in the event you can't protect them yourself. Transferring assets is the easy part - leaving behind a legacy is often overlooked and is where we add value for you. We're here to help you protect your family and Leave a Legacy.

Cary Estate Planning Blog

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