Franchise Law in Cary, North Carolina

Franchise Lawyer in Cary, NC

Franchise Lawyer in Cary, NC

Franchisee Representation

Franchises are an exciting way to enter the world of business for budding entrepreneurs. The system and processes are in place and proven, you've just got to "plug and play", right? Not quite. Entering into a Franchise Agreement in North Carolina is a risky endeavor and should not be taken lightly. You simply don't know what you don't know. 

The attorneys at NC Planning are your resource for not only the review of the prepared franchise documents to best protect your interests, but also your ongoing advisor and counselor to assist along the way when legal issues arise. 

Most Franchise Agreements are intimidating documents and are drafted by the Franchisor to be heavily weighted in their favor. Knowing what you're getting yourself into ahead of time, and making a fully informed decision, is key to setting yourself up for future success. 

Proven Experience Representing North Carolina Franchise Developers

NC Planning has a wealth of experience helping franchise owners succeed in starting and running a single franchise location, as well as growing multiple-location and regional empires through franchise development and acquisition. We have represented numerous franchisees in various industries, including:

  • Gyms and fitness facilities;
  • Restaurants, including fast food and fast casual;
  • Residential contractors and repair services; and
  • Shipping and postage centers;

Buying and Selling a Franchise in North Carolina

Like most businesses, franchises can be bought and sold. Unlike most businesses, the transaction must comply with the rules set forth by the franchisor. Navigating those rules and obtaining franchisor approval is a crucial step that should not be taken lightly.

Franchises are most likely located in a leased space as well, and obtaining landlord approval to transfer the lease to a potential buyer can be quite the undertaking. 

NC Planning provides acquisition legal services to franchise buyers and sellers on a fixed-fee, scoped and priced specifically for your matter. No hourly billing. No moving target pricing. Your fixed fee quote is exactly what you'll invest. 

We also provide flexible payment and monthly installment options for a more cash flow friendly acquisition. 

Ongoing Advisory Services for Franchisees

We push against the traditional law firm model. You've probably experienced this before:

  • You call a lawyer asking for them to help you with a specific legal matter.
  • They give you a general range of how much the legal fees will be but will not commit to a specific number because "there are too many variables".
  • They demand a retainer for several thousand dollars and say that they'll "bill against it" at a high hourly rate.
  • They don't know how long the matter will take, and they don't know what, if any, hurdles they'll face along the way.
  • They invoice you for calls and emails, and for talking with your CPA and banker.
  • They bring in their associate or paralegal and double-bill you on any conversations they have internally with each other.
  • At the end of the matter, you end up paying way more than you anticipated, the total fee is more than the range you were quoted, and a substantial portion of the fees are from communications with the lawyer.

Kiss that horrible experience goodbye.

NC Planning operates on a fixed fee model that: 

  • Incentivizes communications with clients and advisors, 
  • Incentivizes having attorney and staff collaboration on files as needed,
  • Does not penalize the client for requesting additional information or explanation,
  • Allows the matter to progress exactly how the client wants,
  • Increases access to legal advise,
  • Fixes legal issues in their infancy instead of trying to deal with them after they've blown up,
  • Facilitates and open and transparent dialogue between client and attorney, and
  • Allows for a cash flow friendly legal fee broken into monthly installments instead of all at once.