Special Needs Planning Lawyer in North Carolina

North Carolina Special Needs Trusts

Protect your Child with Special Needs from an Uncertain Future

If your child is currently eligible, or will likely become eligible in the future, for government, means-tested benefits based on a physical or cognitive disability or impairment, it's important to protect those benefits long-term.

An inheritance to your child of more than $2,000 in assets will likely disqualify them for continuing these benefits after you pass - the most significant of which is Medicaid coverage.

Special Needs Trusts Protect Your Child's Vital Benefits

You've cared for your child since the day they were born. After you're gone, they may not receive the same monetary assistance that you provided for them. If they're unable to work, they'll be relying heavily on government assistance through SSI and Medicaid in order to support themselves for the rest of their life. Planning ahead can put your child in a position for success, rather than uncertainty. 

Navigating the Complex SSI and Medicaid Regulations

Planning for the maintenance of SSI and Medicaid benefits for your child is not something to take lightly. Nor should it be entrusted with just any attorney. Special Needs Planning requires in-depth and complex analysis of family dynamics, finances, and prognoses to develop a plan that will work for you and your child.