Free Resources

Take a moment to browse the resources included below - they're free! Each is a report or E-Book on a specific Estate Planning topic directed at individuals like you and families like yours. 

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Free Checklist: "North Carolina Estate Plan Annual Review Checklist"

You've got your estate plan in place, but is it up-to-date and consistent with your current wishes and intentions? Use this Annual Review Checklist to make sure your estate plan is still current. 

FREE CHECKLIST: "The Revocable living trust funding checklist"

Just created a revocable living trust? Want to make sure your assets are properly funded or looking for some direction to start the process? Look no further. Download this helpful Funding Checklist to guide you through the process. 


Free E-Book: "10 Reasons Why your need an estate plan"

An overview of Estate Planning and its benefits for the average individual and family. Short and to-the-point, yet informative and easy to read. Thinking about whether Estate Planning is right for you? Start here. 


Free E-Book: "Estate Planning 101"

Everything you need to know about the rules and concepts of Estate Planning to take the first step toward protecting yourself and your family. 

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Free E-Book: "5 Ways To Protect Your Kids, Today"

Do you have kids? You've probably spent many hours looking for the safest car, the crib with the 5-star review on Amazon, and the freshest, organic food for your kids. But have you thought about what will happen to them when you're no longer here? "5 Ways" is a great introduction to guardianship and child protection planning through Estate Planning. A short and easy read, yet informative and helpful for all parents with minor kids.